The Municipal Budget Office played a vital role so that the overall mission and vision of the LGU would be realized. The office itself brimmed with optimism as it set its own vision of a model, honest and corrupt-free LGU that institutionalized budgeting as an effective tool in fiscal management. Through the years, its mission is to support the entire LGU in the management of its affairs and ward off corruption under the basic principle that no government funds shall be disbursed except in pursuance of an appropriation ordinance or law approving the budget.


Prepares forms, orders, and circulars embodying instructions on budgetary appropriation matters for the signature of the mayor; reviews and consolidates the budget proposals of different departments and offices of the local government unit; assists the mayor in the preparation of the budget and during budget hearings, studies and evaluates budgetary implications of proposed legislation and submits comments and recommendations thereon; submits periodic budgetary reports to the Department of Budget and Management; coordinates with the treasurer, accountant, and the planning and development coordinator for the purpose of budgeting; assists the sanggunian in reviewing the approved budgets of component barangays. Coordinates with the planning and development coordinator in the formulation of the local government unit development plan; and exercises such other powers and performs such other duties as may be prescribed by law and ordinance.


To carry out plans and programs of the local government unit through effective financial planning and budgeting of local government funds.