Takes charge of the operation and establishment of the market; supervises the personnel and staff of said office; formulates programs and rules and regulations for the effective operation of the market in order to augment local revenue resources; assists in the implementation and monitoring of the construction of new buildings in the market, if any, and in the maintenance and repair of the existing structures thereof, requires that buildings and premises thereof be kept and maintained in a sanitary condition.


  1. To regulate the preparation and sale of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, fresh dairy products, and other foodstuffs for public consumption and increase local revenue sources and to make Miagao Public Market a healthy market in the (first district) Province of Iloilo. 
  2. To manage and maintain the condition of commercial building, structures and amenities for the safety of both occupants and the buying public.
  3. To maintain peace and orderliness in the public market to attract investors for sustainable economic growth. 
  4. To prevent the sale of foodstuffs/other products treated with hazardous chemicals.