The fares shall be established a level that will provide the operator a reasonable return of profit, and still be affordable by the general public.

 The    following   schedule   shall  be   the   initial   official  are:

  • Flat fee of P 2.00 per passenger in a zone type of operation, where a zone is less than 4 kms. Radius;
  • A minimum fee of P 2.00 plus P 0.50 per km. in excess of 4.0 km. distance;
  • Fare privileges for the students  and elderly shall be imposed and a minimum of P 1.50 for the first kilometers shall be initially implemented plus  P 0.40 in excess of 4 kilometers.   

The table of guiding and maximum  fares approved by the Sangguniang Bayan shall be posted prominently  at the tricycle terminal and in a viable part of the vehicle.