• For safety reasons, no tricycles should operate on national highways utilized by 4-wheel vehicles greater than 4 tons and where normal speed exceed 40 KPH. Except if there is no other alternative path and only with the prior clearances of the appropriate traffic or highway engineer of the municipality;
  • Zones must be within the boundaries of the municipality. Where proposed zone has an origin in one municipality and destination in another, or has an intervening point outside its territory, the joint approval of the respective Sangguniang Bayan must be secured;
  •  A common color be imposed on tricycle operating in the same zone. Each unit shall bear a unique identification number aside from its LTO registration plate
  •  An operator wishing to stop services completely, or to suspend service for more than one month, shall report such termination to the municipality. No operator shall be prevented from withdrawing  from the business of tricycles-for-hire. However, transfer into another zone may be permitted upon application.
  •  Term of the MTOP is three (3) years, subject to renewal. It may be suspended or cancelled upon due hearing, by the Sangguniang Bayan. Transfer of ownership  or  zone shall  be construed as an amendment to an MTOP and shall require appropriate approval of the Sangguniang Bayan.
  • Operators shall employ only drivers duly licensed by LTO  for motorcycles or tricycles.
  • No tricycle should be allowed to carry more passengers and/or goods than it is designed for.
  • In general, a tricycle shall be allowed to operate like a taxi services, rendered upon its services demand and without a fixed route within a zone.