Section 47. DEVELOPMENT OF A COMPREHENSIVE JUVENILE INTERVENTION PROGRAM. A comprehensive juvenile intervention program covering at least a three-year period shall be instituted in this municipality starting from the barangay level.
The municipality, in coordination with the Municipal Council for the Protection of Children (MCPC), shall call on all sectors concerned, particularly the child-focused institutions, NGOs, people’s organizations, educational institutions and government agencies involved in delinquency prevention to participate in the planning process and implementation of juvenile intervention programs. Such programs shall be implemented consistent with the national program formulated and designed by the Juvenile Justice Welfare Council. The implementation of the municipal comprehensive juvenile intervention program shall be reviewed and assessed annually by the municipality in coordination with the MCPC.
Section 48. COMMUNITY-BASED PROGRAMS ON JUVENILE JUSTICE AND WELFARE. Community-based programs on juvenile justice and welfare shall be instituted by the municipality through the MCPC, school, youth organizations and other concerned agencies. The municipality shall provide community-based services which respond to the special needs, problems, interests and concerns of children and which offer appropriate counseling and guidance to them and their families. These programs shall consist of three levels:
(a)Primary intervention includes general measures to promote social justice and equal opportunity, which tackle perceived root causes of offending;
(b)Secondary intervention includes measures to assist children at risk; and
(c)Tertiary intervention includes measures to avoid unnecessary contact with the formal justice system and other measures to prevent re-offending.