Section 8. EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. The Municipality of Miagao, Province of Iloilo government shall initiate for the care of 0-2 years old children through the early childhood care and development program which shall be supervised and implemented by the MSWDO in every day care center.

Section 9. PROMOTION OF PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PROGRAM. The Barangay Health Center shall impellent the primary health care program. Each barangay health center shall have a Barangay Child Health Officer who shall monitor child health in the barangay level with a salary/honorarium commensurate to the task assigned. To further ensure the implementation of Section 12 of this Ordinance the Municipal Government, through the Municipal Health Office, in particular, shall take appropriate measures:


To combat disease and malnutrition within the framework of primary health care, through the application of readily available technology and through the provision of adequate health care services;

To establish a comprehensive Parents Orientation Development Program which include courses on reproductive health, child health and child rearing practices in the context of Filipino psychology. 

To conduct massive information and education on breastfeeding utilizing existing reference materials for effective breastfeeding edification program.

Section 10. CHILD FRIENDLY EMERGENCY CLINIC IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF MIAGAO, PROVINCE OF ILOILO. The Municipal Health Office shall set-up child-friendly units to include rooming-in facilities and pediatric-appropriate mechanisms and gadgets.

Section 11. LOCAL CHILDREN LITERATURE. In support of the socio-cultural development of children in the Municipality of Miagao, Province of Iloilo, the Municipal Government shall invest in the production of local literature of other relevant materials for children.